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This sparkly Chrysanthemum Quartz Cluster is a special gift from our Mother Earth. Like a complex orchestra, each tiny crystal point vibrates at its own frequency altogether radiating a melody of harmonic, purifying energy in all directions. 

Healing - Power - Protection

Clear Quartz, the "Master Healer" is often regarded as the most powerful mineral in the metaphysical kingdom of crystals. Drawing forth its energy from the universal life-force or "Chi", it heals the body on all levels cleansing the auric field and aligning the chakras. 

Clear Quartz Clusters bring the energies of balance, protection, purity and divine intuition. Like a spiritual power-tool, they are extremely effective at bringing manifestations forward and when programmed with a clear intention their energetic frequencies are emitted out into the ethers, where the universe conspires to subconsciously bring it to life. 

Clear Quartz Clusters are high-vibration stones and amplify the energy of any other stone it is combined with - making them powerful conduits in crystal grid work and Reiki. They can easily be programmed with an intention and kept in any area of your home or sacred space that needs a little energy boost, emanating healing energies into the surrounding environment while eliminating any toxic, negative energy. 

Element: All - Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Ether
Astrological Sign: Taurus, Libra
Planet: Sun
Chakra: Crown

USE ME: Broadcast your intentions by programming your Quartz Crystal Cluster. Simply start by sitting comfortably in a quiet area holding the crystal in your right hand (left, if left-handed).

Close your eyes and visualise the intention or manifestation and take a moment to really make sure you not only see it but also feel the emotion connected to the intention. You do not need to visualise the specific details of how, why and when it will manifest, instead allow yourself to feel the positive emotion attached to the outcome.

Once you have the intention perfectly visualised, draw the image from your mind's eye down into your heart and then gently place it inside a box and insert it inside the crystal.

Once complete your crystal will be programmed with the energy of your intention and can be used in meditation, healing sessions, crystal grid work or simply leave it in a special place and allow it to do its thing! 

As Clear Quartz absorbs energy like a sponge, it's important to clear your crystal on the regular (especially if used in healing work). An easy way to do so is to pass it through incense smoke while visualizing white purifying energy flooding into the crystal. Or, simply just leave by the window on a sunny day to absorb the rays. 

Weight: approx 1024g

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