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Let's face we can all use a little extra love in our lives but TBH the good lovin' starts with you. As in YOU, myself, me, I am, thyself - whichever way you say it, true love begins and ends with self-love.

We've all heard the saying, "you can't truly love another unless you love your self first...." lame but true. 100% TRUE. How many of us can really say that we love ourselves without feeling weird, or like we are bragging or just plain flat out lying? We often blame our bad relationships or shitty jobs on situations or events that actually have no real connection to the problem. Many of us allow friends, family or co-workers to put us down, we lash out at our partners or stay in terrible relationships for too long and simply play the victim because we are programmed to think we don't deserve anything better in life and it's just not true!

It's time to start changing these negative thought patterns and be a little kinder and more gentle to ourselves and each other. This is why we have put together this vibey little crystal combo to help you start feeling all the feels, cause we want you to not only feel true contentment and deep love within but also have you radiating pure bliss bombs on the outside too. 

And if you're looking to attract love, look out as this crystal combo will not only help to heal the heart and make you feel more open and accepting of new relationships but will also get you feeling all creative, sensual and connected to those irresistible feminine energies. HOT. 

Set contains 3 x natural crystals:

Rose Quartz - a bringer of love, peace and tranquillity. Opens and balances the heart chakra allowing loving energy to flow freely throughout the physical and energetic bodies. It gently heals a grieving heart, like a soft reassuring hug reminding us that everything will be OK. Rose Quartz has beautiful, strong goddess energy, attracting not only romantic love but unconditional love for self and others. 

Rhodonite - the stone of compassion, forgiveness and emotional healing. A calming force in stressful situations, balancing emotions where anxiety can often take over. It has a strong heart-based connection and teaches us that although love can hurt it is temporary allowing healing by the release of fear and toxic emotions and filling the heart-space with a feeling of pure unconditional love, acceptance and wellbeing.

Garnet - deep-rooted grounding energy, an energizing and restoring stone harnessing its energy from deep within the earth. Deep blood red in colour and vibrating with a powerful combination of sensual, creative, passionate and protective energy which often leads to fireworks in the bedroom. Garnet is said to activate Kundalini energy and increase sexual potency. It inspires love and devotion and is considered a good luck stone for relationships, strengthing emotional connections between partners. 

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