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Like a soft, fluffy cloud the gentle loving vibration of our sky-blue Celestite Geodes will lift you up and envelope you in a feeling of pure unconditional love and infinite peace. 

Balance - Harmony - Intuition 

Celestite is a bringer of love, harmony, tranquillity and inner peace. The calm amidst the chaos Celestite restores balance, perspective and clarity of thought allowing clear decision making. It teaches us that every day is a new beginning and an opportunity for a fresh start.

The ultra-high frequencies of Celestite stimulate and aligns the upper 3 chakras - throat, 3rd eye + crown, activating our connection to the higher realms. By linking us with our guides and guardian angels we are shown that we are never alone and are loved and divinely supported. 

Celestite is a dreamy, calming stone encouraging a peaceful state of mind. Soothing and protective, it relaxes you into a state of peaceful slumber and sweet, sweet dreams. It enhances dream recall allowing specific details and information during the dream state to be remembered with perfect clarity. 

As it has the ability to heighten divine intuition it is an effective crystal to use in Reiki and most other forms of intuitive healing work, amplifying our psychic abilities and phenomena. 

USE ME: The super chill vibes of this crystal will radiate a sense of blissful harmony out in your space no matter where it is placed, however for an extra peaceful night sleep or to ward off bad dreams keep a piece of Celestite next to your bed or tucked under your pillow.

Celestite is a gentle stone and may fade in colour if exposed to light over time so please do not display by windows or in direct sunlight.

Pass through incense to cleanse stagnant energy and place on a windowsill overnight to charge under the full moon.

*Please note all crystals are unique in size and shape and may not be the exact crystal photographed, however, will be the same in quality and size. 

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